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The default weather location for this page is Bourbonnais, IL, year-round home of and and the summer home of The Chicago Bears. If you chose a different weather location from the drop down menu in the weatherbar below, it will be the location for the next section, as well. You can compare today's forecast with the 7-day forecast for the current location choice and click the captions under the apps to update their info.
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*Thermometer facts: The World Meteorological Organization tells us the coldest recorded air temperature was at Vostok Station in Antarctica, where it reached –128.6°F (–89.2C) on July 21, 1983, and the hottest recorded air temperature was in Greenland Ranch (Furnace Creek) in Death Valley, California, where it reached 134°F (56.7°C) on July 10, 1913. The Landsat satellite in 2004 and 2005 recorded a surface temperature of 159.3°F (70.7°C) in the Lut Desert in Iran. – The moral there is to wear "hover shoes," remaining airborne at all times!
With global warming causing erratic weather shifts and behavior over the entire world, we have provided a thermometer that will register a low of 160°F and a high of 150°F (before bursting through the top!). If there is a strong wind with a record-breaking low in Antarctica or (unlikely) high humidity with a record-breaking temperature in Death Valley, our "Feels Like" thermometer (registering Wind Chill or Heat Index) will be unable to show it!

Global Warming
Did you know that global warming only became a political issue when Al Gore made his famous documentary exposing those who were ignoring global warming in the name of profits? Prior to that, it was purely a scientific issue. When it was first discovered and reported, most scientists (as they do with all new scientific breakthroughs) refused to believe it! But slowly yet surely, as more and more scientists studied the facts and did their own experiments, it became clear that not only was it fact but it was actually happening faster than originally thought. Today, the fast majority of reputable scientists (those not financially supported by Big Oil and Big Business) realize and admit that global warming is no longer just a controversial theory but actually provable scientific fact!

To paraphrase one pundit, if 12 out of 13 doctors told you that you had a cancerous tumor that should be removed immediately to ensure it didn't kill you and one doctor, working for your health-insurance company, said it was just a temporary psychosomatic swelling instigated by an anti-American organization and either didn't really exist in the first place or would go away on its own, would you believe the one doctor and leave the tumor untreated? Or would you believe the twelve reputable doctors and have it removed? Your answer will determine whether you live or die, as will our response to 12 out of 13 scientists!

Remember, when it was discovered that the earth was round, not flat, religious/political leaders denied it in an attempt to justify their previous beliefs and behavior. When
it was discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, religious/political leaders denied it in an attempt to justify their previous beliefs and behavior. Now that global warming has been determined to be fact, some religious/political leaders are still trying to deny it in an attempt to justify their previous beliefs and behavior. The next time you hear someone tell you global warming is not happening or is not increased by human behavior, trace back the speaker's sources — you will find their phony science is funded by those who have ulterior motives and are more concerned about making money today than your children's being alive tomorrow!

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We had an unusually cool summer and a near record-breaking cold winter with more snow than the last three years combined. That proves global warming is just a hoax; right?

—Actually, no! If anything, it proves global warming is real, since computer models of the current global warming trends actually predicted such erratic weather conditions to occur. The fact that they have already started just shows how quickly we need to respond!

Huge chunks of ice are breaking off of the aortic icecap due to global warming and floating into previously warmer water with previously warmer air flows passing over them. If you put a large block of ice inside your hot-air register and felt the cooler breeze coming from the vent, would you say that proves your furnace isn't heating?

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