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Think Who?:

Biographical Sketch
Biographical Sketch
"More Than You Ever Wanted To Know. . ."
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Just for fun:

Comic Strips Interactive Comic Strips
with animation and sound

Check back periodically for new additions!
Games of Chance Interactive Fortune-Telling and Lottery
with animation and sound

Play often; check back for new offerings!
Games of Skill Interactive Games of Skill
with animation and sound

Puzzles (one will drive you crazy) & a virus-eating spider!
Play Yer Piano™ "Play Yer Piano" ™ & ©
with interactive animation and sound

Play keys or staff! Check back for songs(?)!
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Cinema 1 now playing!--

Movies Movies Section (such as it is!)
—Now in fast-loading RealVideo®!
•Mills on Art: experimental theatre, so to speak!
•Just Think Mills promo: unabashed self-promotion!
Top of Contents •And a separate 'Radio' section! Check it out!

You can always just look at the pictures!—

Graphical Poetry Animated Graphical Poetry Section
Check out the illustrations and animated graphics!
Don't miss the photos and "MiniMovies"!

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And while you're there, try out the...

Interactive Poetry ==================================================
Note: Some of this poetry may be considered unsuitable for younger or more insensitive  viewers. -- Parental guidance is advised.
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Books 1 and 2 full versions-- Netscape Navigator 3+/4+ (preferably) or MS Internet Explorer 3+/(4+?), as pages utilize frames, tables, animation, sound, color text, and, occasionally, JavaScript.
Book1 all-graphics version -- any graphics-enabled browser ==================================================

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Interactive subject learning and answer checking!
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